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Speed: 11(10)+d25(24)
Bets:0.39BTC Won:0.463945BTC
Bribes:30 Payed:0.009BTC
Pending Games:0 | Pending Bribes:0
Games played: 39
Augmentations:Neural Implant, Mechanized Tail, Metal Claws
Giveaway Offer
(Games:39 | Balance:0.073945)

Last Game:378

Server Time: 15:16 Jun 20
Last Race
GameID:378Date:2014-05-24 23:00:01
Seed used: a02c36d6658f4552fa12ff5f06fb8b6d5ccd0192
Roll:10+d21 t:1400218217
Roll:11+d23 t:1394477108
Roll:11+d25 t:1400960908
Roll:11+d25 t:1395351675
Roll:11+d25 t:1400931147

News:An augmentation giveaway is in effect. All rats who will be unlucky to lose more than 0.05BTC will receive 2 augmentations worth of 0.1105BTC. More info on BitcoinTalk.
Augmentation is the act of improving a being by using cybernetics, nanites and nano-technological implants, creating an advanced super-animal superior to an ordinary one.
You have to pay exactly the amount listed on each item, not a satoshi less or more, as you would for a race. You cannot make a bulk purchase, only one item at a time.
Here is a list of augmentations the prison medic is willing to do for a price:

Neural Implant
Bypass of the pain sensors.
No matter how tired or injured your rat is, he will run like a normal rat. This is the same as paying bribes for a game.
This makes bribes obsolete.Effect is permanent.

Mechanized Tail
The rat keeps his balance way better with this new tail.
+1 to maximum speed.Effect is permanent

Metal Claws
Pulling out the natural claws and implanting metal ones was a painful and meticulous process but in the end it was worth it.The rat has a better grip of the ground as never.
+1 to minimum speed.Effect is permanent

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